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Category: Development Leadership
Published: 19th May 2015

All too often in business, we talk about specific coaching models but rarely do we truly put these into practice and become inspirational coaches. This week is International Coaching Week, so what better time to reflect on our abilities as coaches and look for some great new ways to motivate our teams?

How do we close the coaching skills gap to ensure that our leaders understand their role as coaches?

There are lots of frameworks out there so treat them as just that and develop your own style. We find that many coaches view John Whitmore’s GROW model as easy to use and it guides them to having really effective coaching sessions in no time.

It’s a simple process to follow:


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  • What GOAL do you want to achieve in your workplace?
  • What is the current REALITY in your workplace?
  • What OPTIONS do you have to move towards your goal?
  • What WILL you do to take actions towards your goal?

It’s a positive model that used correctly energises the coaches to focus on solutions!


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