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Developing a Leadership Population

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This Leadership Programme was developed for our leading healthcare client to address a number of specific development areas with the wider leadership population.

“Raise the Bar were able to understand our complexity, develop a host of bespoke interventions to stretch and bind us together. From the planning of the sessions, pre-brief, workbooks, speakers, facilitation, skills development, coaching and development sets; we have changed, we have grown, we are a team with greater possibilities than we could have ever imagined”

Delegates gained an appreciation of what constitutes assertive behaviour and an awareness of how to be more impactful in the workplace. Through a series of one day skills masterclasses we delivered innovative workshops on the topics of:

Middle management teams were provided with great tools and strategies to help them plan, delegate, control their environment and the demands on their time.

The management team explored the effects of motivation, objective setting and effective feedback to build and enhance the effectiveness of a high performing team.

Coaching the team to use a structured strategy to successfully complete their projects, gain positive results, and inspire their team to continue to look for ways to grow.

In addition, further development was provided to senior employees on Media Skills training. Experienced journalists and broadcasters Sybil Ruscoe and Tom Knight delivered intense full day sessions involving live practise in dealing with all aspects of the media – from pre-recorded interviews to live broadcasts.

Facilitators were provided to attend meetings where specific expertise or direction would be beneficial, motivational speakers were used regulary throughout the duration of the programme to emphasise key messages at organisation-wide conferences.

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