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The Raise the Bar App
Our Unique digital edge.

In our digital age, we believe that your learning experience should be supported in a modern way. For this reason, we have developed a unique app that leverages cutting edge technology such as ‘augmented reality’ and ‘collaboration functionality’, providing you with everything that is needed in the palm of your hand.

Empower & engage your delegates using innovative technology to inspire great performance.

For Learning

All our programmes can be built around and supported by our App to add an innovative and interactive element for your delegates. The App acts as a resource centre for; course agendas, video footage, trainer biographies, tips from your trainer, pre-course work, and a method of providing and collating feedback, all helping to support remote learning.

By engaging with the collaboration functionality, users will have the ability to share their learning on a social media style News Feed, as well as privately message other delegates or the trainer to ensure their learning continues long after the session.


For Conferences

Support your event using our app to ensure your delegates remain motivated, equipped & engaged with your speaker, guaranteeing you a lasting return on investment.

The App acts as a resource centre for; conference agendas, event footage, speaker biographies, tips from your speaker, pre-conference work, and a method of providing and collating feedback.

Delegates can help create a buzz before, during and after your event by posting photos and videos on the News Feed, and help you ensure next year’s event is a success by providing vital feedback and evaluation.

Raise the bar app
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What does the app deliver for YOU?

Collaboration Functionality

Collaboration Functionality

Upon logging in, each user can now create their own unique personal profile and engage with one another throughout their learning journey via a private messaging system. They will also have access to a social media style ‘News Feed’ in which they can post photos, videos and textual messages, helping to create a buzz at your event. Using Push Notifications, we can ensure your delegates aren’t missing vital information, by contacting them with short, personalised messages.

Repository for Learning

Repository for Learning

The App is highly adaptable and can be tailored to fit your desired learning outcomes and event goals. This could include such content as; event agendas, event details, video content, speaker or trainer biographies, pre-event work or tips from your speaker or trainer. Post event feedback can be collated to give a true reflection on delivery against objectives, this will be prompted by a Push Notification. Self-assessment & MI can also be collated to track change and measure return on investment.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

A feature within the App whereby physical triggers embedded in your collateral will activate video content. Imagine a workbook literally springing to life with video content from your trainer or a poster coming to life with video messages from your sponsor. Images trigger video content and activation is instant giving you an innovative, digital experience.

Bespoke Branding

Bespoke Branding

No two Apps we design are the same, we take the time to ensure the App mirrors your brand by using your language, colour palette and logo throughout all screens. You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will ensure the look and feel is as desired, help you make the most of all the above features and to answer any technical problems your delegates may experience.

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