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Published: 4th August 2015

Selling is becoming increasingly professional, with customers expecting ever higher levels of service delivery. With customers able to gain more information than ever before their demand is for salespeople who can add value to their buying experience and create solutions that make a real difference.

The Seven Step Sales Cycle has been developed to apply in different sales scenarios; telephone sales, as well as field-based salespeople in face-to-face meetings. Expert sales coach, Jos Burton, goes through the seven steps that help salespeople to remember the right steps in the right order whilst allowing for individual sales styles to shine through

Step 1 – Preparation – Successful sales start with forward-planning – define your objectives and do your research into your customer.

Step 2 – Make Contact – Create the correct first impression by understanding what is best for your customer;  working with their values to establish their expectations.

Step 3 – Establish Needs – Understand your customers’ needs by asking open and probing questions, avoiding any questions that could generate a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response; this will enhance your credibility and help build rapport.

Step 4 – Listen and Confirm – Use active listening techniques to demonstrate to your client that you understand their key requirements and the steps you’ll take to meet them.

Step 5 – Sell – Show the customer how your offer adds value and give examples of how it matches their need.

Step 6 – Handle Objections – Arm yourself with techniques to diffuse objections smoothly; such as empathising with their objection and suggesting a solution.

Step 7 – Close – Agree on the next steps without being too pushy so you’ve clear objectives to follow-up on.

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