30 Day Plank Challenge

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Category: Company News
Published: 2nd February 2016

February saw us taking a look at our health and well-being, add this to our team’s love of a mix of competition & fun, and the idea of taking up the 30-day plank challenge became a reality!

For 30 days we (not so eagerly) awaited the 12-noon calendar notification to let us know it was ‘plank-time’, with us building up our planks from 20 seconds to a 5-minute finale at the end of the month.

We all enjoyed taking part and tried our best; ultimately some team members dropped out as the planks got longer and longer….and longer. Only four managed to stay strong until the bitter end which resulted in Digital Content Manager, Mark, winning the plank-off with an eye-watering 8-minute long plank.