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2015 Wishlist – Director’s Blog

>2015 Wishlist – Director’s Blog
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Category: Development
Published: 22nd December 2014

Steve Smith - Director

Steve Smith, Managing Director

Welcome to the final Director’s Blog of 2014. As this year comes to an end I’d like to look forward to what great will look like in 2015.

I find that year-end is a great time to look forward to a fast start in 2015: A time to reflect on what went well and what opportunities there are to improve in the coming year. The new year is a great chance to look at expectations for the coming 12 months with genuine optimism.

January is an ideal time to think about how we challenge our people to raise the bar even higher, looking at how we raise our own game.

I believe that benchmarking is the cornerstone of great performance – understanding where we sit and where the gaps are. Over the last year, our clients have come to us time and time again for inspirational people to help their teams look outside their own world and benchmark against the best.

Through this research, we have compiled a definitive 2015 Wishlist of our most popular Thinkers, Doers, Motivators & Innovators to ensure that whatever the role, industry or challenge we can be inspired to set our own high expectations – click here to view our ‘2015 Speaker Wishlist’ now.

This year’s emphasis has been on inspiring, developing and retaining talent, a theme I expect to continue in 2015. We can’t control the external environment but we can influence how our people think, feel and perform. We can ensure your team ‘Raise the Bar’ to give your team the most sustainable competitive advantage.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Raise the Bar and we look forward to working with you in the new year.

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