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10 RTB Winter Wellbeing Wonders

>10 RTB Winter Wellbeing Wonders
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Category: Development
Published: 8th October 2018

By Paul-Stuart Greenough

Winter is drawing closer and getting through the cold months can be a tough task. Your own wellbeing can start to take a hit.

To help you through, Raise the Bar staff have compiled a list of the top ten tips to help them to combat the winter blues, which we have dubbed the Winter Wellbeing Wonders.


  • Always eat breakfast – Luis (Head of Marketing) said: “The first meal of the day has been proven to improve a number of things – concentration and memory, mood and stress levels. It starts the day off by filling that hole that was left by hours of fasting during sleep.”




  • Drink Tea – Shaun (Director of Learning) said: “Other than warming you up, drinking hot tea can help calm you down and boost energy and alertness, depending on the type of tea you drink.”



  • Take 10 minutes of mindfulness – Rucha (Business Consultant) said: “Taking ten minutes to yourself, concentrating on your breathing and focusing ‘on the moment’ can really help to  create those feelings of calm and relaxation.”




  • Listen to music – Traci (Apprenticeship Coach) said:  “Listening to your favourite music triggers the brain’s happy hormone ‘dopamine’. So, listening to Madonna regularly certainly helps me.”



  • Converse – Paul (Data Coordinator) said: “Talking to people makes you feel engaged. Lack of communication   can create a feeling of loneliness which can lead to anxiety – conversation with friends and colleagues alleviates  that and even increases cognitive function.”





  • Go for a walk – Lucy (Apprenticeship Coach) said: “Taking some time out of your day to stretch your legs and get away from your seat strengthens your heart and lungs and gives you a break from the stress you can sometimes feel with work.”




  • Exercise – Mark (Digital Manager) said: “It’s easy to be lazy when it’s cold but doing even 30 minutes a  day can  help with stress, anxiety and depression, which can often creep up during the darker months.”





  • Laugh – Lee (Head of Learning and Development) said: “Surprisingly, even fake laughter can help you to feel happier by tricking your brain into releasing dopamine. So, laughter of any kind helps your own mental state.”



  • Treat yourself – Abi (Learning and Development Coordinator) said: “During winter, we can forget to treat ourselves. Whether it be to a cheeky chocolate bar or an extra ten minutes in bed, treating yourself will always make you feel good.”






  • Cut out negativity – Steve (Director) “Listening to the news on the way to work can be filled with negative. Cutting out any negativity will help build a natural feeling of positivity that you need to get through any tough days.”




If you are interested in mental health, wellbeing, resilience and motivation, have a look at our speaker Charlie Cannon, a speaker specialising in all these areas with a background in psychology.