Learning App

All of  our programmes can be built around and supported by our App, to add an Available on Appleinnovative and interactive element for your delegates. The App acts as a resource centre for; course agendas, footage, trainer biographies, tips from your trainer, pre-course work, and a method of providing and collating feedback.Available on Google Play

It highlights and reinforces key messages prior to, and after the event, ensuring that your learning continues long after the last delegate has left the session!

What does the app deliver for you?

  • Augmented Reality

Put simply, a feature within the App whereby physical triggers embedded in your collateral will activate content through the app pre, post or during the session. Imagine a workbook literally springing to life with video content from your trainer or a poster coming to life with video messages from your sponsor. Images trigger video content and activation is instant giving a really innovative digital experience.

  • Push Notifications

Ensure your delegates aren’t missing vital information relating your event or the App. Using push notifications we can efficiently contact your delegates or key stakeholders with short, personalised messages. This could be with pre-course work to be completed, trainer information or to alert delegates when new content is made available.

  • Course Agenda & Trainer Biography

Agendas & Biographies and relevant video footage can be made available prior to events through the App, giving delegates a clear vision of what the day will look like as well as key learning outcomes.

  • Tips from your Trainer

Our tips cards embedded in the App will become available after the session to provide practical takeaways keeping the content alive.

  • Post &/or Pre-Course Work

Fully prepare & challenge your delegates for the day’s learning with tailored Post or Pre-Course Work via the App. This can be agreed in conjunction with your trainer to ensure your key learning messages continue to be met. All submissions can be forwarded via email, voice recorded and securely stored on the App. 

  • Feedback & Evaluation

Post event feedback can be collated after the event to give a true reflection on delivery against objectives with push notifications prompting delegates when appropriate. Self assessment pre and post can also be collated to track change and measure return on investment.

Explore the App for yourself – Click here for your free Learning App login